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Current Projects

US - India Biosecurity Dialogue

The Center is hosting and facilitating an ongoing Track II (nongovernmental) dialogue on biosecurity between experts in India and the United States. There are multiple goals for the dialogue: to expand knowledge and understanding between India and the United States about biological threats; increase awareness and probability of exchanges for early warning and detection of unusual biological events; deepen relationships between participants to serve as technical resources to each other going forward; and to identify issues that may warrant official government-to-government priority.

Importantly, bilateral ties between the United States and India, the world’s two largest democracies and major centers for biotechnology, are of great consequence to global security, defense, and health. In an era of rapid globalization, major geopolitical transitions, and evolving national security landscapes, partnership between the two nations on critical issues in biosecurity and biodefense remains especially important.

Developing shared bilateral understandings of and approaches to tackling difficult problems in biosecurity promises to strengthen trust and cooperation between the United States and India, enhance health and security in both nations, and facilitate productive collaborative efforts between Indian and American policymakers, national security experts, life scientists, public health professionals, and healthcare practitioners.

Project team lead: Gigi Kwik Gronvall, PhD

Project team: Aishwarya Nagar, MPH; Benjamin Wakefield, MSc; Rachael Brown; Hannah Ottman-Feeney; Tom Inglesby, MD; Anita Cicero, JD

Project supported by: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Naval Postgraduate School, Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering WMD