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Press Enquiries

The Center's faculty regularly engage with local, national, and international media and share their science and policy expertise with the public on issues including:

  • Global Health Security
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases and Epidemics
  • Medical and Public Health Preparedness and Response
  • Deliberate Biological Threats
  • Opportunities and Risks in the Life Sciences

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Media Mentions

The New Republic: Covid Taught Us a Lot. The CDC Now Wants Us to Forget It., feat. Erin Sorrell, PhD

Health Policy Watch: As Pandemic Negotiations Move at Snails’ Pace, Scientists Urge Pathogen-Sharing Agreement, feat. a commentary in Nature that was co-authored by Alexandra Phelan, SJD

New York Times: Amid Florida’s Measles Outbreak, Surgeon General Goes Against Medical Guidance, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Health: Norovirus Surge: CDC Data Show Stomach Bug Is Circulating in the Northeast, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Los Angeles Times: Column: Disinformation is a public health crisis. Here’s how scientists and doctors are fighting it, feat. Tara Kirk Sell, PhD

NBC News: Measles infections pose far more risks than most realize, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Defining Disease X, feat. Amesh Adalja, MD


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