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Current Projects

Maximizing the US Bioeconomy for Economic Growth and National Security

Biotechnology has undergone profound advances in the past decade, ushering in new opportunities and applications in drug manufacturing, chemical production, agriculture, and a myriad of novel products. The application of biotechnology to areas with economic value and the use of biological material and data create the bioeconomy, or that portion of the economy that relies on biological materials or data. Many nations are working to boost their bioeconomies, seeing them as a sector with a large, sustainable growth potential. Strategies for developing and supporting national bioeconomies encompass diverse fields, including energy, agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, industrial chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and defense. As this sector grows, more research into effective policy measures and protection strategies will be necessary.

The project team is focused on the US bioeconomy, and how best to strengthen and protect it. We are assessing the bioeconomies of other nations and interviewing experts from the US and abroad to explore options for boosting the US bioeconomy. The overarching goals of this project include developing actionable recommendations for policy makers within the US government and a strategy for integrating novel biotechnologies into existing economic infrastructures.

Project team lead: Gigi Gronvall, PhD

Project team: Lane Warmbrod, MS, MPH, Marc Trotochaud, MSPH

Project supported by: Open Philanthropy Project


Areas of Focus:

  • Opportunities and Risks in the Life Sciences
  • Global Health Security