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Health Security Decoded

A digest of news and developments in health security.

Health Security Decoded is a weekly update on US and global health security. Our team tracks the most important news, events, developments, research, and policy in the areas that comprise health security: biosecurity and biodefense, domestic and global preparedness and response, medicine and public health, science and technology, government affairs and national security, emerging and re-emerging diseases, and other 21st century threats.

Sources are broad and deep—major US and international news outlets and peer-reviewed journals, US government reports and press releases, respected social media, and publications from research institutes and nongovernmental organizations. We also include information on upcoming US congressional hearings and events and news from our Center.

Our goal is to digest and assemble the most important headlines for readers who work across the public, private, and academic sectors in the US and internationally. The newsletter is delivered via email on Thursday.

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Health Security Decoded Staff

Managing Editors: Alyson Browett, MPH and Prarthana Vasudevan, MS, MSPH, DrPH (c)

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