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Center for Health Security welcomes new fellows for 2022-23 academic year

Center News


August 29, 2022 – The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is excited to welcome two biosecurity professionals as new fellows for the next year.

Ms. Attal-Juncqua and Dr. Pannu will contribute to several ongoing Center projects. Mentored by Gigi Kwik Gronvall, PhD, senior scholar, Ms. Attal-Juncqua will focus on biosecurity technology and biological weapons nonproliferation policy. Dr. Pannu will be mentored by Center Director Tom Inglesby, MD, and Deputy Director Anita Cicero, JD, and will focus on biosecurity policy.

“With their rich experience and expertise, the new fellows will be valuable contributors to our ongoing technical projects,” said Dr. Inglesby. “We are thrilled to support them as they pursue their research interests in biosecurity science and policy here at the Center.”

The fellows are supported by the Open Philanthropy Technology Policy Fellowship (OPTPF).