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Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and National Organizations Call for Action to Implement Crisis Standards of Care During COVID-19 Surge

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December 18, 2020 – The crisis is now: governors, health departments, hospitals, and other health care sector partners must take immediate action to save lives and fairly allocate limited resources.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and 8 other national organizations have issued a statement calling for immediate action to implement crisis standards of care (CSC) during the current COVID-19 surge. CSC occur when health care resource shortages – such as staff, hospital beds, and medications – are severe enough to require a change in conventional standards and processes care. Many hospitals and localities are experiencing such shortages now. When limited resources require tough decisions, CSC plans ensure that the most good is done for the largest number of people.

Our joint statement recommends key actions for governors, state health departments, and hospitals and health systems to support, plan for, and equitably implement crisis standards of care. A list of CSC tools and resources is also available. Please take a moment to read our statement today. Urgent action is essential to prevent further loss of life.

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